About the Photographer

As a resident of Portland, Oregon I don't have to travel far to capture beautiful scenes of the Pacific Northwest or use those scenes as a backdrop for portraits.

I have always loved nature, and photography. I combine the two to preserve the beauty of the environment that surrounds me.

While in a high school photography class, landscapes were what I excelled at.
My School provided me with a SLR Camera but I used an old Argus C3
that I bought and repaired for much of my work back then.
I had as much interest in the equipment as I did the craft.

My equipment is constantly changing. Recently I purchased a new Nikon D200. Instead of selling my Nikon D70s, I converted it for infrared photography.
I have learned through experience that infrared photography is very rewarding and a lot of fun!

I've studied many photographers' techniques and developed my own.
In addition to landscapes, my interest has expanded into child and family portraits, high school senior photos and more.

I have found patience is the key to capturing great landscapes.
Good equipment and a great subject are only part of the equation;
composition, clouds and how the sunlight hits the subject complete it.
I often spend hours waiting for perfect conditions and return to
the same location as many times as it takes to capture the perfect photograph.

My goal is to press the boundaries of my abilities and the limits of my equipment to get that elusive perfect picture. It is important to show through my photography the beauty of nature and the need to protect this gift that has been bestowed to all of us.

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